Autoload ATG A7 Flying Probe Tester (Top side view) from Streamline Circuits on Vimeo.

Streamline Circuits Corp is known for being one of most advanced Printed Circuit Board manufacturers in the Silicon Valley’s Electronic industry. We utilize our state-of-the-art equipment and most experienced workforce in the PCB manufacturing industry to bring you a high-quality product in a time-sensitive manner.

We know that the world of technology changes rapidly, and we pride ourselves on always being one-step ahead for our technology-driven customers. Learn more about our PCB manufacturing capabilities so you can make the best design for manufacturability (DFM) decisions for your product.

What We Do

As a leading PCB manufacturer of high-quality Rigid, Rigid-Flex, and Multilayer Flex PCBs, we are committed to providing our customers the most advanced printed circuit boards, quality and engineering support available. Streamline’s customers take advantage of these highly valued resources to develop a cost-effective product in a time sensitive manner.

These capabilities are critical for today’s technology-driven customers in communications, military and aerospace, industrial electronics, instrumentation and medical equipment markets.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Quick-Turn Prototype PCB Manufacturers

Streamline’s printed circuit boards continue to have higher layers counts, greater surface density, and faster signal transmission lines. In order to accomplish this difficult task as a PCB manufacturer, we now are building Printed circuit boards with an average of three lamination cycles (6-8 hour process per lamination) to get the final product in today’s advanced technology designs. We meet these needs for our customers by doing the following.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Every year, 10% of our annual revenue gets re-invested back into the company. A vast majority of this investment goes to the purchase of the latest and greatest equipment in the printed circuit board industry. We are constantly on the lookout for next year’s investment to improve bottlenecks, if any, in the manufacturing process.

Not only does this new equipment increase our capacity for even faster quick-turn PCB builds, but it also allows for us to push into the most advanced technology in the industry. In addition, to get the best turnaround time for you, our manufacturing system runs multiple processes at the same time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Utilize Latest Technology to Create Cost-Effective, Reliable Products for Our Customers

Our driven Engineering and Quality departments are always pursuing the latest prototype services. There have been countless technology-driven prototype projects where Streamline was the only company in the country that could complete the job successfully.

On almost a daily basis, our top Engineers collaborate to fully understand a customer’s needs and develop a reliable that has not yet been attempted by other PCB shops. We ensure that Management all the way down to manufacturing employees are fully aware of the advanced projects and what they mean to our customers and the industry.

Superior Quality

Each stage of the manufacturing process, we check your printed circuit boards to make sure they’ll meet your expectations. We use:

  • Net List testing
  • Proactive layer scaling
  • Layer-to-layer optical inspection
  • Registration x-ray
  • Onboard testing
  • TDR Testing

Consistent quality checks that conform to our ISO9001 and AS9100 certifications are also performed throughout our process.

Get Started

To learn more about our capabilities, take a look at the drop-down menu at the top of the page under “PCB Capabilities.” If you have questions, please reach out to us at (877) 264-0343.



Orbotech Fusion 22 AOI capable of registration down to 25 microns


Zmetrix ST600 TDR with system bandwidth of 5 Ghz


Pluritec Inspecta HPL performs multiple inspection with multiple targets

img probe 

Autoload ATG A7 Flying Probe Tester with 8 test heads capable of testing at 30mA kelvin


Schmoll Maschinen Speedmaster HDI 6