Why Buy American-Made Circuit Boards?

If your company needs to purchase circuit boards for an upcoming project, you may wonder whether to buy them from an American company or from a foreign company. Buying circuit boards from a foreign company can be tempting because of the low costs, but the benefits usually end there.

Purchasing American-made circuit boards can actually save you money in the long-term. Plus, American-made circuit boards come with several other benefits. These benefits make a huge difference for your company’s success and longevity.

Here are five reasons why you should look for circuit boards that are made in America.

  1. Technical Support

Many foreign sellers purchase circuit boards from another company with no knowledge of the product itself.  You may be okay buying cheaper technology from these sellers, but purchasing something as advanced as a circuit board can be dangerous for you. If your circuit board needs repair or updates in the future, the seller may not know how to help you.

Even if the seller offers repairs, they might not speak English—so working with them can be incredibly frustrating. Plus, they’re in a different time zone, so your questions aren’t answered as quickly. This process can be overly stressful for your employees.

If you purchase your circuit board in America, however, you can have trust that the American company will support you in the future. It can be incredibly helpful to have a company you can rely on throughout the years. They can answer any questions about your circuit board or help you when you need updates or repairs. You can get immediate support and answers to your questions.

  1. ITAR Authorization

If you work for a company that produces defense-related products, you’ll need to work with an ITAR-authorized company. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) prevents companies from exporting and importing defense-related products. It also prevents companies from sharing defense-related information with other countries.

An ITAR-authorized American company will sign a nondisclosure agreement. You can be assured that they won’t disclose information about your sensitive products to other countries.

By working with an American company that’s ITAR authorized, you protect yourself from exchanging information about defense technology with a foreign company. This protects your company from serious legal challenges.

  1. Be the First to Get Innovative Technology

Many incredible advances in circuit technology are happening right here in the United States. For example, the V-stack is a new manufacturing process allows for greater reliability between a circuit board’s layers. It even produces more precise circuit board features. It also reduces processing costs, helping you save money.

When you buy your circuit boards from American companies, you get access to some of the latest and greatest technological advancements in printed circuit boards. You can also provide financial support for future American innovations.

  1. Save Money in the Long Run

Although foreign-made circuit boards may be cheaper than American-made circuit boards, they can be costly in the long run. Because they aren’t made to the same legal regulations, your foreign circuit boards may not be as reliable or long lasting.

If you buy your circuit board from a foreign company, you may need to replace your circuit board earlier than you anticipated. This will cost your company unexpected revenue.

If you need repairs or updates to your circuit boards, a foreign company likely won’t be able to offer them. Even if they do, you’ll need to pay expensive shipping costs to send your circuit board to them. You’ll lose out on work time while you wait for weeks or months for the foreign company to repair your circuit board and then ship it back to you.

  1. Support American Labor

When you purchase an American-made product, you put your money directly back into the American manufacturing and technology industry. This means more jobs for American manufacturers and technologists and more money into our country’s economy. It also means more money towards creating new, top-quality products right here in our country.

Buying from an American company also ensures that you’re supporting healthy labor practices. The United States has laws about safe labor and minimum wage that other countries may not. If you buy a product from overseas, you may inadvertently support sweatshops and other unsafe and unfair working conditions.

As an American citizen, you can show your patriotism and support by purchasing circuits from another American company.

Although buying foreign-made circuits might save you money initially, buying American-made circuits is a better investment for your company. It can save you money long-term and give you the support of a local company who can assist you with questions and repairs. It also protects you from ITAR-related legal issues and supports our country’s productivity and innovation.

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