5 Top Tech Companies That Rely On Circuit Boards

You can’t help but hear about the latest news from top tech companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. These companies are constantly creating new technology that pushes the envelope and amazes users worldwide.

For these companies, circuit boards play a key role. Circuit boards provide the power source for all technological devices. These devices include cell phones, computers, tablets, cameras, and many other devices and systems.

Updates to circuit boards are making them even more remarkable and inventive. Here’s how some of the world’s top tech companies are using circuit boards today.

1. Apple

It’s no surprise that Apple incorporates circuit boards in its phones, tablets, computers, and other tech products. With new Apple products hitting the market every year, circuit board design must keep up.

One up-and-coming product is the iPhone 8 with an OLED display. OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. Because OLED screens do not have backlights, they are more effective in dark rooms than LCD screens are.

Apple is relying on millions of flexible printed circuit boards to connect the OLED display and the iPhone 8’s other components. Without these custom circuit boards, the iPhone 8 with OLED could not function.

These custom circuit boards will become even more important to Apple in the future. Apple plans to use OLED in all their phones by 2019.

2. Microsoft

Like Apple, Microsoft relies on printed circuit boards for their tech products.

Recently, Microsoft employees introduced an innovative way to 3-D print simple computer circuits from home. The idea is to make circuit boards and print the metallic connective traces on photo paper. Then, you can use electrically conductive tape to attach the printed circuit boards to the paper.

These printed circuit boards aren’t as high-tech as custom-built circuit boards. However, it’s amazing to see an innovative new technology that can quickly reproduce circuit boards from home.

3. Fitbit

The popular Fitbit device wouldn’t have been possible without a uniquely designed circuit board. In 2007, inventors James Park and Eric Friedman realized that in order to create their technically advanced fitness tracking tool, they needed a technically advanced circuit board to go with it. Specifically, they needed a highly compact circuit board that could fit into their miniature devices.

Park and Friedman used PCB design software to create their unique circuit board design. The biggest problem they faced was how to fit a radio antenna in the Fitbit. They finally figured out how to use foam to separate the radio antenna from the display cable.

Completing the initial circuit board was the most complicated step in the Fitbit’s design. The rest of the design process went smoothly after that. Today, more than 60 million Fitbits have been sold worldwide.

4. Lockheed Martin

Aerospace technology companies like Lockheed Martin know how important circuit boards are to the spacecraft and aircraft industry. Circuit boards allow the aircraft to perform commands from both the pilot and ground control. Without circuit boards, the various technological components of the aircraft could not function—and the aircraft would be useless.

Lockheed Martin regularly updates their circuit board technology to meet the demands of a growing aerospace market.

For example, Lockheed Martin recently opened a new Electronics Manufacturing Facility in Littleton, Colorado. One of the most impressive parts of the new facility is an extensive circuit board assembly line, which includes an automated section. The automated assembly line produces the circuit boards more quickly while helping Lockheed Martin save on manufacturing costs.

5. Dolby

This audio compression technology company relies on circuit boards for their technology. The circuit boards help produce optimum sound quality for soundtracks and recordings. Dolby’s first professional video product contained a noise-reduction circuit board called the Video NR Module.

Dolby is so proud of the Video NR Module that in 2015, they asked neon artist Shawna Peterson to reproduce the circuit board using neon. The large neon circuit board was meant to highlight the complexity and beauty of the Video NR Module. It took Peterson and her team a lot of work to make each intricate neon piece, but in the end, they were able to produce a beautiful piece of artwork.

From Apple to Microsoft, companies around the world are relying on circuit boards to make advanced products. These products track our steps, power our aircraft, and help us connect with our friends at the touch of a button. Billions of people rely on these products and their circuit boards to perform for them day after day.

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