We have 20 positions to fill in a variety of positions around our various Manufacturing departments. Our open Silk-Screening Manager position has a requirement of at least three years of PCB Manufacturing experience. Pay rate is based on previous experience. If you are interested in any of the listed positions, please send your resume to [email protected]


Under general supervision, performs a wide variety of skilled duties associated with the materials, processes, and equipment utilized in the Dry Film Area. Applies extensive knowledge to the full range of materials, processes, operations, and equipment. Knowledgeably responds to non-routine or critical conditions and situations. Assists and lower level employees in basic setup and operation of equipment and processes. Assists and trains employees and/or provide relief/support on a wide variety of equipment and operations. Monitors quality of work and compliance with process and product specifications. Following established procedures, adjusts procedures, processes, and equipment to suit non-routine/critical conditions or to rectify immediate problem situations. Provides leadership including assigning work, monitoring progress and resolving material/product flow and priority issues.


Basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills. Also, good visual acuity and mechanical inclination. Requires operational knowledge as would normally be obtained from three years of lower level operator experience. Requires the skill to perform all production operations and related equipment.