Santa Clara, Ca; February 6, 2012: 

A Great 2011 Year & Beyond 
Streamline Circuits has finished another great manufacturing year while implementing their strategic growth plan for future success. Not only did they ship 41 million, but Streamline just added some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment our industry has ever seen. Their management team felt it was time and necessary to stay ahead of the technology curve by reinvesting 3.9 million in state-of-the-art equipment (see below). Streamline’s largest task just took place last month of replacing 2 major cutting edge PCB processing lines. These 2 lines allow Streamline to continue to lead the PCB industry in advanced technology now and for many years to come while doubling their capacity.

Along with these equipment enhancements over the last year, Streamline has also been very pro-active in completing a backup drilling department in a new building to create future drilling overflow, in addition to increasing the number of single head spindles for advance tolerances and small lot manufacturing.

  • 4 Laser Direct Imaging Units (no film needed)
  • 6 Laser Drills (4 mil drill with 10 mil pad)
  • Sprint Laser Legend Printer (prints & cures)
  • 7 ATG 16 Head Flying Probe Netlist Testers
  • Coordinate Measurement Machine (first articles & final inspection)
  • InPlan (smart database & traveler system)

2 Major Investments in Time and Technology

IPS Automated Cuposit / Electroless Copper Line

  • Small hole processing line for developing future high-density products
  • Q-positAdvanced Ultra Sonic and Mechanical Vibration, Agitation & Thumping System
  • 2 automated hoist levers, and 36 overall stations stretching 45 ft.
  • Eliminates technicians moving boards from tank to tank. The automated computerized control system tells the machine when to hoist the PCBs from one tank to the next.
  • Dramatically reduces water, labor and chemical consumption assisting in Streamline’s quest for a greener company
  • Increase throughput by 60%

Schmid Develop, Etch and Strip Line

  • Has dramatically improved Streamline’s already great processing consistency
  • Advanced line widths (1 mil) along with a thin core capability (1 mil)
  • Automatic dosing system in all tanks of process guaranteeing optimized development processes and reliable removal of unexposed resists
  • No defoaming required through optimized bath guidance
  • Fine line spray system that ensures high etching quality with high etching factor
  • Consistent etching structure without “puddle effects”
  • Innovative filter technology adjusts to the type of resist and the size of core being etched during stripping process
  • Schmid DES 1.7 mm/m white paper

Streamline Circuits Corp, a leading provider of high quality Printed Circuit Boards offering Rigid, Rigid-Flex and Multilayer Flex, has seen significant growth over the past year. We are committed to providing our customers the most advanced technology, quality and engineering support available. Customers utilize these resources to develop a cost-effective product in a time sensitive manner. This is critical for today’s customers who want and need to get their quality products to market first.

Rigid Flex PCB


Streamline Just Received Their AS9100 Rev C Certification!
Now on to MIL-PRF-31032 Certification


As of September, Streamline will begin implementing its new Schmid DES line (2mil lines and 2mil core material)

The First in The World

Streamline’s pre-engineering department has become the first PCB manufacturer in the world to use Insight software from Frontline / Genesis. This state-of-the-art web-based tool is designed for managing and accessing incoming customer data, which then generates a precise design for manufacturability reports in minutes. This software empowers Streamline with faster & more accurate quoting, better product development as well as increased throughput.

Stack Up
Streamline has spent the last 3 year creating and fine-tuning a new PCB registration prediction and control system. This system allows pre-engineering to identify and control registration movement based on current material knowledge and stack-up history results generated over many years. This periodical data is then used for simulation to give Streamline the best chance for success without running costly sample lots, saving time and money for their customers.

Upcoming Tradeshows

Feb 14th – 16th; Anaheim, CA

March 6th; Calgary, AB

Design West
March 26th – 29th; San Jose, CA

April 19th; Montreal, QC

June 20th; Vancouver, BC

PCB West
Sept 25th – 27th; Santa Clara, CA

Sept 27th; Mississauga, ON

Oct 25th; Ottawa, ON