Design Guidelines and Manufacturing Capabilities

Listed below is a detailed list of our capabilities and design guidelines. Keeping your designs within our standard and advanced capabilities will yield the most competitive pricing. Our emerging technology capabilities support the most advanced PCB designs and we recommend having a DFM completed by Streamline Circuit’s pre-engineering team.

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Multiple LaminationLines, Spaces, & Pad Diameters | Via Hole FinishSurface FinishElectroless Nickel/Immersion GoldTolerances

Single-Side Flexible Panel Size12” X 18” & 18″ X 24″21″ X 24″ & 24″ X 36″
Double-Side Flexible Panel Size12” X 18”24” X 36”
Multi-Layer Flex Panel Size12” X 18”18” X 24” and Up
Layer Count3 to 1214 to 20+
Rigid Flex Panel Size12” X 18”18” X 24” and Up
Multiple Lamination
Copper Foil Weights Internal/External¼ to 2 ounceUp to 3 ounce
Kapton Polyimide Stiffener.001” to .007”.008” and Up
Polyimide Rigid Stiffener.003” to .062”.063” and Up
Lines, Spaces & Pad Diameters
Internal Line Width.0035″.002”
Internal Spacing.0035″.002″
External Line Width.0035″.002″
External Spacing.0035″.002″
SMT Pitch.010″.010″
Via Hole Finish
Laser Micro Vias.004”.002”
Blind/Buried Vias.004”.002”
Laser Drill.004”.002”
Minimum Drilled Hole Size.012”.0079”
Drilled Hole to Copper.008”.007”
Surface Finish
Tin Lead Plating Thickness.0003” to .0005”Less than .0005”
Tin Nickel Plating Thickness150 Micro Inches250 Micro Inches
Low Stress Nickel100 Micro Inches250 Micro Inches
Gold Plating Thickness30 Micro InchesAs Specified
Electroless Nickel/Immersion GoldYesYes
Electroless Nickel/Palladium/GoldYesYes
Immersion SilverYesYes
Entek Plus HTYesYes
Plated Hole Tolerances [+/-].002″.001″
Non Plated Hole Tolerances [+/-].001″.001″
Fabrication Tolerances [+/-].005″.003″
Vision Rout [+/-].003″.002″
Laser Rout [+/-].002”.001″

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