Santa Clara, Ca; August 18, 2011: Streamline Circuits, a leading provider of high quality Printed Circuit Boards offering Rigid, Rigid-Flex and Multilayer Flex, grew 40% in revenue last year. We are committed to providing our customers the most advanced technology, quality and engineering support available. Customers take full advantage of these resources to develop a cost-effective product in a time sensitive manner. This is critical for today’s customers who want and need to get their quality products to market first.

Added Quarterly Tech Seminars
Streamline Circuits understands the ever-changing demand for advanced technology. This is why we continue to be an engineering extension for our customers and their programs. We are now offering full DFM (Design For Manufacturability) reports and Quarterly Training and Technology Seminars. The topics range from advanced materials for RF applications to High-Density Interconnect Design techniques. Feel free to contact your account executive to find out the next scheduled seminar in your area or to set up a private meeting that would be catered to the topics of your interest.

New Schmid DES line
Streamline Circuits has once again kept its promise of installing state of the art equipment for advanced technology manufacturing. As of October, Streamline is proud to implement a Schmid DES line 1.7 m/min (Develop, Etch, and Strip). The PCB industry experts never thought it would be possible to manufacture this type of advanced High-Density technology. Most all the PCB manufacturers have to use “a workaround solution”, using FR4 leaders. This short-term fix enables current equipment (10 years old or more) to process sub 4 mil lines and space and sub 4 mil thin core material, but the result has never been up to the quality of today’s new advanced DES line. This new model is specially designed for sub 3 mil lines and spacing, and sub 3 mil thin core layer processing, which has become the standard in advanced High-Density Interconnect requirements. The Schmid DES line will be an industry breakthrough, allowing Streamline to continue the aggressive advancement in HDI capabilities. The Schmid’s Developing process includes a fully automated dosing system that removes unexposed resists and completes development without the burden of de-foaming. The etching characteristic is able to produce high etching quality due to the high-tech nozzle control system. Lastly, the capabilities of the stripping process protect the quality of the boards, while at the same time, adjusting to the type of resist. Streamline Circuits is constantly investing in the best equipment available in order to keep up with our own unparalleled time and technology standards.

ODB++: The Smart Database
ODB++ is an all in one smart database. Tracking the required information and putting them in one smart database for the engineers and manufacturers to access for the product verification, planning, and manufacturing. The data display objects exactly as they will appear in manufacturing. There’s no more need for reverse engineering or placing a job on hold to confirm a design’s details with the customer.

An 8 layer PCB can take up to 7 hours to plan using Gerber and only 1 hour when using ODB++, saving time and money. Gerber files force a designer’s entire engineering to be placed back to square one. A designer’s final product is essentially stripped away from using Gerber files. Consequently, the data can become incomplete, inconsistent, or even incorrect, creating the potential for miscommunication between a designer and a manufacturer. This means costly errors and/or wasted time. The CAM operators are forced to go back and reapply attributes. However, an ODB++ smart database retains a designer’s entire original data, making the process of planning faster and extremely accurate. ODB++ keeps Streamline on-track with its customers’ time sensitive, high tech PCB demands.

Time & Technology Experts
Streamline Circuits generated over $40 million in revenue in 2010 as compared to $28 million in 2009. We are forecasting a minimum 20% revenue growth for 2011. Streamline’s business of continuously investing in our equipment, people, and process, ensures that we will support our customers now and in the future.

Tech Seminars


Topics ranging from Advanced Materials to High-Density Interconnect design techniques

Rigid Flex PCBStreamline has expanded its Flex and Rigid-Flex division, which has been a huge part of our overall revenue growth in 2011.

As of September, Streamline will begin implementing its new Schmid DES line (2mil lines and 2mil core material)


Giving Back

Streamline is proud to maintain its corporate responsibility and dedication to it surrounding community by donating to and participating in 2 charitable events this summer.

Advent Group Ministry’s 13th Annual Mary & Martha Golf ClassicGolf Benefit
June 13th @ Los Altos Golf & Country Club
Los Altos, CA
To benefit abused, neglected and addicted children and teen in our community. Advent Group Ministry is one of the most important charities in the Bay Area.

Hits for Hospice 2011
Golf Benefit
Aug 27th @ Courtside Club, Los Gatos, CA
One hundred percent of all proceeds will benefit Hospice of the Valley’s compassionate end-of-life care and grief counseling services

Annual Customer Apprieciation SF Bay Cruise Yacht
Late September marks Streamline’s Annual SF Bay Cruise. Customers can enjoy an open house of our Santa Clara facility and an evening on the bay including food, fun and festities.


Streamline Circuits also participated in two very successful trade shows, PCB West 2010 and IPC Midwest.

Come visit our exhibit at these upcoming 2011 trade shows:
AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems
Aug 16th – 19th in Washington DC; Booth #2839

EPTECH Halifax
Sept 22nd in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

PCB West 2011
Sept 27th -29th in Santa Clara, Ca; Booth #311

Nov 7th – 10th in Baltimore, Md; Booth #837