Santa Clara, Ca; November 17, 2011: Streamline Circuits, a leading provider of high quality Printed Circuit Boards offering Rigid, Rigid-Flex and Multilayer Flex, grew 40% in revenue last year. We are committed to providing our customers the most advanced technology, quality and engineering support available. Customers take full advantage of these resources to develop a cost-effective product in a time sensitive manner. This is critical for today’s customers who want and need to get their quality products to market first.
Successful October Lunch & Learn Tech Seminar at The Biltmore Hotel
On October 25th, Streamline presented a very successful Lunch & Learn tech seminar at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara, Ca. With 53 people in attendance, National Sales Manager, Bryan Fish, broke down the company’s history and current, and ever-advancing technology that separates it from other PCB manufactures. Because of the fantastic feedback, we plan to hold a Lunch & Learn roughly every quarter with updates on how we are paving the way for PCB technology. See seminar presentation here.

Xact PCB Software
Due to Streamline’s very advanced PCB requests, increasingly precise drill holes and annular rings are expected. This brings the company’s front-end engineers the challenge of predicting inner layer material movement that warps tooling holes during the manufacturing process. This is extremely important data since being misregistered by 2 mils depending on the job will turn a PCB into costly scrap. The software company, Xact PCB, recognizes this problem and created a complete solution that automatically captures, analyzes, and utilizes measurement data from the shop floor processes. After installation of this software a couple of years ago, Streamline CAM engineers have been using this data to model the PCB build and simulate material movement during the manufacturing process. One aspect that Streamline’s Pre-Production Engineering Manager, Phil Ramon, finds very helpful is the more often you use Xact Software, the more data and detailed predictions will result, based on the history it has acquired from past measurements. The software continuously improves scaling factors based on empirical data for registration of inner layers. Our company has seen a substantial decline in remakes due to the ability to minimize the material movement and adjust the layers using registration targets to ensure optimization for the most precise registration.

Come Join Us in Cheering On Our Bay Area Teams
Streamline is the proud owner of a company suite at HP Pavilion, a shared suite at Candlestick Park, and season tickets at the awe-inspiring AT&T Park. Our 3 bay area teams allow us the opportunity to attend over 112 sports games in the teams’ regular seasons. Of course, with the Niners’ 7 out of 9 wins so far, the Sharks’ reliability of never settling for just the regular season, and the Giants’ holding the title of 2010 World Series Champions, it is pretty safe to assume that 112 games are the minimum. Attending one of these games is the best way to meet and mingle with our upper management. Please contact your account executive for details.

Time & Technology Experts
Streamline Circuits generated over $40 million in revenue in 2010 as compared to $28 million in 2009. We are forecasting a minimum 20% revenue growth for 2011. Streamline’s business of continuously investing in our equipment, people, and process, ensures that we will support our customers now and in the future.

Tech Seminars


Topics ranging from Advanced Materials to High-Density Interconnect design techniques

Rigid Flex PCBStreamline has expanded its Flex and Rigid-Flex division, which has been a huge part of our overall revenue growth in 2011.

As of September, Streamline will begin implementing its new Schmid DES line (2mil lines and 2mil core material)


Giving Back

Streamline is proud to maintain its corporate responsiblity and dedication to it surrounding community by donating to and participating in 2 charitible events this fall.

Una Bella NotteUna Bella Notte
Oct 8th
Fashion Show and Galla to raise money for Good Sameritan Hospital Breast Cancer Care Center, Breast Cancer Connections, and parent-run non-profit Los Gatos Education Foundation.

Golf Fore a Cause
Golf Benefit
Presented Creation Technologies Oct 21st
Streamline sponsored a hole in this event to support Generation Five, a non-profit fighting to end child abuse.


Come visit our exhibit at these upcoming 2012 trade shows:
West 2012
Jan 24th – 26th, San Diego, CA