Vertical interconnect access, or via for short, electrically connects the layers of your circuit board and lets them all communicate. This advanced technology interconnects and utilizes space for high-density PCB requirements. Blind and Buried vias allow a designer to make a connection with layers using multiple laminations without having the drilled holes go all the way through the board (creating a Swiss cheese effect wasting valuable space). However, not all vias are made with the same quality or reliability.

At Streamline Circuits, we provide our clients with multiple via structures to utilize space in your design. Choose our high-quality blind, buried, or stacked vias today.

Trust Streamline Circuits to Provide the Best Products in the Business

When we say our engineers are some of the most forward-thinking in the industry, we mean it. We recently developed a new form of MicroVia technology that can change the way we think about via stacking for good.

Our patented V-Stack process lets via designers create MicroVia structures that have more than three layers with just a single lamination cycle (8 hours). The process is quicker and simpler than previous ones and saves between 30% and 60% in terms of processing. Each of the finished products are done 3 days quicker with more reliability and are more accurately detailed than other models.

Choose From One of Our Many Fill Options

We proudly offer our customers the most advanced technology in the PCB industry. Regardless of your choice of buried, blind, or stacked vias, you can look forward to several main benefits:

  • More reliable products overall
  • Higher-density interconnects
  • Tighter BGA pitches (we can support 08mm BGA requirements)
  • Improved thermal dissipation
  • High-quality & reliable stacked via constructions

Our team is ITAR authorized, and you can trust us to keep all your product information confidential. We serve a diverse clientele, from customers in the military and aerospace industries to the medical equipment industry. Let us know what your specific needs and requirements are. We’re positive you won’t be disappointed in the quality of our products.

View the pictures below to see our blind via, buried via, and stacked via options. Request a quote by calling (877) 264-0343.

Streamline Circuits offers different types of via-fill processes to complement our micro via and buried via capabilities. Current demands for finer pitch array packages and the need for higher electrical performance have made in-house via fill processes a must for any advanced PCB manufacturer.

Key Benefits

  • Improved reliability by reducing the risk of trapped air or liquids.
  • Tighter BGA pitches and higher density interconnects by allowing for via-in-pad instead of dog bone designs. Streamline Circuits can support .25mm BGA requirements.
  • Reliable filled and stacked via constructions.
  • Planar copper surfaces above filled via for more reliable surface mounts and increased assembly yields.
  • Enhanced thermal dissipation.

For more information, contact us at 1-877-264-0343


Via Fill Options

Vias filled with LPI/hole fill mask

Blind stacked via fill with epoxy fill

Non-conductive via fill with epoxy hole fill

Planar copper surface above non-conductive via fill

Planar copper surface above non-conductive via fill

Silver Filled Via

Conductive via fill with silver paste